conditions of use

responsible person

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privacy policy

I don't ask for or save or use your data in any way whatsoever.
However, I do analyse your visit to work out what people are doing on the website.

web tracking

Like millions of other website owners, I use web tracking tools to measure how people in general use my web site.
You will find a "cookie" on your computer from my web site which has been stored by Google Analytics and Crazy Egg, the two free web trackers that I use.
These two tools measure and record things about visitor behaviour in an anonymous form.
They record things like the website you came from, how long the average visitor spends on a page, which page on my web site is the most visited page and stuff like that.
They then give me an aggregated version.
What I receive is completely anonymous.
I don't know anything about individual visitors.
The tracking information allows me to better understand the kind of people who come to my site and what content they're reading and/or looking for.

if you prefer not to be recorded

I know of 2 ways of doing this:
You can set your browser to refuse cookies.
Or you can install Google's very own plugin into your browser to avoid being recorded by Google Analytics tracking software.

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